Lake Mountain WSA

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NEW: Options to be considered by the Advisory Committee for future designation and management of Lake Mountain WSA

Location: Sublette County

Nearest Town: LaBarge (12 miles)

Current BLM Acreages: 13,865 acres

Primitive & Unconfined Recreation:
The main type of primitive recreation in the area is hunting by foot or on horseback. Elk, deer, moose and bear hunting take place mainly along LaBarge Creek, Long Hollow and Deadline Ridge. In conjunction with the hunter use, there is a substantial amount of horseback and ORV use.

The Lake Mountain WSA encompasses 13,865 acres of BLM-administered land and a 40-acre inholding. The study area is in the Wyoming Range and contains an irregular series of steep-sided ridges ranging in elevation from 7,400 to over 9,600 feet. Rock creek, in the central part of the WSA, contains a population of Colorado Cutthroat Trout, a candidate for the status of threatened and endangered species. Dense stands of conifers cover the north and east facing slopes.

The Lake Mountain WSA is in an essentially natural state. There are several man-made intrusions, but these are considered insignificant and do not take away from the natural character of the WSA. The isolated 40-acre parcel and “cherry stemmed” access road lie in the north central part of the WSA. The developments on the 40-acre private detract from the natural state of the WSA.

There are numerous secluded places throughout the WSA where a person could experience outstanding solitude. The mountainous terrain, with moderate to dense forest cover, provides many opportunities to avoid the sights and sounds of other users.

Special Features:
Rock Creek contains a pure strain of Colorado River cutthroat trout and part of the WSA has been designated an Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) to protect trout habitat. The Colorado River cutthroat has been identified as a candidate species for possible status as a threatened or endangered species.