WPLI Comment Mapper

Instructions for how to use the map:

(The mapper opens in a new tab, so you can keep these instructions open while you learn to use the map).

  1. Click the link button to open the WPLI Comment Mapper.
  2. Zoom into an area where you would like to add a point with a comment.
  3. Click on the + in the upper right corner.
  4. Give your comment a title.
  5. Click on the blue text that says Click on a map location, click OK, then select your point on the map.
  6. Add your comment. Describe the activities you engage in here and values the area has from your perspective. Share your thoughts on how the area should be designated and managed into the future. Be as specific and constructive as possible to help inform the committee’s decision.
  7. If a comment already exists that says what you want to say, add your comment anyways.  It will be helpful to know that many people feel similarly about the same area.
  8. If you have a photo of the location, click “Browse” to add it to your comment.