The Sublette County Board of Commissioners appointed the Sublette County WPLI Advisory Committee in 2016. The purpose of the committee is to conduct a collaborative review process of the Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) in Sublette County.   The Advisory Committee will develop and submit a proposed management recommendation for the WSAs and related lands in the county for consideration by the Board of County Commissioners.  The Board of County Commissioners will review the WPLI Advisory Committee’s recommendations, and if approved, take official action to establish a final WPLI recommendation for the county.  The Wyoming County Commissioners Association, in cooperation with the office of the Governor and the offices of the Wyoming federal delegation, will review the Advisory Committee recommendations and to the maximum extent practicable, include them in a legislative draft to be introduced in Congress.

The Advisory Committee is representative of persons with interests in the designation and management of WSAs in Sublette County.  Although it is recognized that Advisory Committee members have multiple interests and may participate in discussions from various perspectives, for organizational purposes each Advisory Committee member has been assigned to an interest category below:

Representation Category
Coke Landers, Co-chair Agriculture/Ranching
Dan Smitherman, Co-chair Conservation
Dave Bell General Public
Mike Crosson Sportsmen
Mike Henn Conservation District
Bill Lanning Motorized Recreation
Monte Skinner Non‐Motorized Recreation
Mike Smith Energy

You may contact the WPLI Advisory Committee by sending an email to