Wyoming Public Lands Initiative

WPLI in Sublette County

The Sublette County Commissioners will conduct a public hearing for the WPLI Committee recommendations on Monday, October 8, 2018 at 6 p.m. in the Lovatt Room of the Sublette County Library in Pinedale.. 

A Wilderness Study Areapanorama (WSA) is a special designation that applies to federal lands that are managed to protect wilderness characteristics until Congress designates the WSA as wilderness or directs the land management agency to manage the area for other multiple uses.  There are 45 WSAs in Wyoming. Three are managed by the US Forest Service (one in Sublette County) and 42 are managed by the Bureau of Land Management (two in Sublette County).

In early 2016 the Wyoming County Commissioners Association (WCCA) organized the Wyoming Public Lands Initiative (WPLI).  The WPLI is a collaborative, county-led process intended to designate WSAs as wilderness, multiple use, or other management.  The result will be one state-wide legislative lands package that is broadly supported by public lands stakeholders in Wyoming.

The Sublette County Board of Commissioners appointed the Sublette County WPLI Advisory Committee in June 2016. The advisory committee is composed of representatives of a diversity of interests, and is mandated to develop recommendations for final designation of the county’s three WSAs — ranging from formal wilderness designation or released with other management designations. While WSA designations will serve as the launching pad and anchor for the WPLI advisory committee, the committee is encouraged to look more broadly at long-standing land use challenges and opportunities where possible.

Visit the Wyoming County Commissioners Association WPLI website.

Click here  for a 4-page brochure of the WPLI in Sublette County.